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Welcome to Alchemy Of Health and your Health Co-pilot.  

I help people navigate through the misinformation of the ever-changing trends of the American diet.  I do this with my three skills in my toolbox: being a chef, being a health coach and being a Shaklee distributor.  For me, this is the trifecta- I now get to do three things that
I love to do.

The Shaklee products that impacted me most are the Protein Smoothies.  I’ve been a competitive swimmer all my life- from a 6 & under to being a Masters swimmer today.  Swimming, it keeps me healthy, it keeps me sane, and it always has me laughing.

Being an athlete and eating well, has given me a good metabolism...and I’m not complaining.  However, everything has its downside, which is that I’m always hungry.  You see by late morning my breakfast would be long gone. I’d lose concentration, my hands would tremble and my tolerance for people was tossed right out the window.   I’d get HANGRY! 

I thought this was inescapable.  I would get through work only to face my evening workout.  I needed energy but didn’t have time to actually eat a meal.  Going to workout ‘empty’ left we weak, going to workout ‘full’ left me queasy turning over my meal at every flip-turn.   By mid-workout, my teammates would  boot me from the lead to the back of the lane.  I would pace with another teammate only to be left in her wake.  These are my teammates and friends  but THIS WOULD NOT DO! 

Shaklee protein smoothies to the rescue!  Each morning, I blend up a smoothie in minutes and head out the door.  No more packing a cooler of snacks as if I were leaving for a camping trip. No more loss of energy.  No more head spinning responses. In the afternoon, I’d shake up another blend and head over to the pool.  I have a powerful drink that has the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins to sustain me for hours.  I’m not training like an Olympian by any means, but I can use the same quality products that they do.   Shaklee fuels many of our Olympic teams and like them, I feel super charged. 

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